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For consumers/homeowners with an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage), get some helpful advice from the Spending Coach.  They claim to be non profit, not sure if I believe there is any such thing - but what I see is a Website that has no advertising and they are not trying to sell you anything.   They look at your situation and help you get a grip on where you are - the crucial first step in making a decision about what to do.  The sad truth is most people with an ARM are confused, and most people with an ARM are in trouble - sooner rather than later.

Digital Universe

Real Trends, Steve Murray, Littleton

Zillow debuted on 02/09/06.  This website speaks to buyers, sellers, and owners.  They completely ignore lenders.  This website is going to be a big deal in this business.

FEMA Flood Map Source


Colorado Div of Real Estate -- as near as I can tell, the BOREA section of the website is now gone
Colorado BOREA License Look Up

ASC License Look Up

Local Assessor:



Appraisal Magazines/Newsletter:


DMOZ directory --  Real Estate Appraisal -- 11/26/05 there are 9 Colorado listings.  3 don't work, and Ron Harp is located in Arizona.  12/25/05 - 8 listings with no dead links.  Ron Harp is still located in Arizona, this site is likely in the wrong category (should be Arizona not Colorado).

DMOZ Forum

DMOZ for Dummies

Meaningful Links:

Recommended appraisers:

Francois K Gregoire, St Petersburg, FL

The Appraisal Foundation - Documents including Q&A on the 2006 scope rule change

Top Appraiser Websites:


Appraisal Today

Ann O'Rourke, CA -- has a terrific Website - Appraisal Today

HTML Validator

Down Payment Rebate Programs

Neighborhood Gold
Payout One


HUD Mortgagee Letter 2005-02


Article about Mortgage Fraud, features National City.  LA Times dated 12/5/05.

Appraiser USA - find an appraiser anywhere in the country.

Cash Back at Closing: Appealing Arrangement or Sinister Scam - Ralph Roberts, Realty Times 05/02/06

E&O (error & omission) Insurance

AMC (Appraisal Management Company)List of links here

NAR (National Association of Realtors) find an appraiser

Ruff - who is this guy?

eAppraiseIt, subsidiary of The First American Corporation

Real Estate Related

Website design / W3Now.com / Example

Active Rain - (05/04/07) I am new to Active Rain.  I was referred by someone I respect - so I am going to give it a try.

Real Estate Signs from Aurora, Colorado

MapsCo = the map that everyone in Denver uses

  • handy reference
  • each Mapsco page is 6.25 inches wide and 10 inches high
  • 1 inch = 0.4 mile
  • Therefore - each page is 2.5 miles wide, and 4 miles high

Architecture Guide - this is very good

Mortgage Bankers Assc - Fraud Prevention Services
MBA - research site

GREFPAC, Georgia grass roots effort

Free Comp Checks:  Domina

Another free comp service

List of Mortgage Brokers who are: Honest / Ethical / Trustworthy / Etc

The Mortgage Professor (has a list of Upfront Mortgage Brokers) UMB

Kevin Iverson / Reed Mortgage


Mortgage Lenders Network - do not use list

Listing of every state - contact info for the banking "FCIC authorities"


In Colorado, the administrative law offices are located at:

The Administrative Law Judges are part of the Office of Administrative
Courts within the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration.
Their Denver offices are at 633 17th Street ( Filings:  13th Floor --
Hearings:  14th Floor) Denver, Colorado  80202.
Casey Singleton 303-866-5797


Center for Policy Alternatives

Center for Responsible Lending


Debt Collection:   As of 5/8/06, based on my personal experience,  I recommend that you not use John Glen Assc, Inc 516-877-0902.

Debt Collection - as a reference - you can try this.  Please let me know what your results are.  NCS Plus For more information, please call the Association Service Desk at 800-363-7215, or 212-213-3000, ext. 6400. Or you can email your questions to service@ncsplus.com


Realty Trac, James Saccacio = Chief Executive, Irvine, CA

Foreclosures.com - they have a list of foreclosure sites to avoid.

Todd Carpenter Really Huge List of Links

Google Local = Best (free) map service I know of

Infospace.com A great place to look up not just people, but reverse number and e-mail searching as well!

Hotbot.com One of the top rated search engines for finding what you want, quickly and accurately.

Colorado Freedom of Info reference.  If you are denied access to what you think is a public record or a public meeting, telephone the Colorado Press Association at 303-571-5117.

Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers (BOREA) complaint page - and complaint form

Article about predatory lending in Denver.
Another article about predatory lending in Denver.  2/2/06 - this link may have a short shelf life.

Fraud Information Center - 800-876-7060

Other Mortgage Fraud Sources:

Other Appraiser Websites About Mortgage Fraud:

Richard Hagar, Seattle Washington - Fraud Problem

George Nervik at National Property Service - Olympia Washington - Appraisal Licensing Reform

Census Data

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