Fraud Defined


What does fraud mean to you?  Way back (10 months ago) when I first started speaking up about mortgage fraud, I looked up the definition in my dictionary.  I published this definition in my letter dated 10/07/05

House of Fraud
Fraud = Intentional deception to cause a person to give up money.  Something said or done to deceive.

People are all over the map with the way they use the word fraud.  A recent example:

"If it wasn't FHA, it would be fraud" said John Head, a Denver lawyer who represents victims of mortgage-fraud schemes.

This was published in the Denver Post, 08/24/06, front page article:  Foreclosing on the American dream - part of an occasional series.

Further research:

Fraud:  Google definition, dictionary.comlegal dictionary, or try this list of other dictionaries.

My theory:  everyone starts with the bedrock principle that fraud cannot include anything "I" have ever done.  Fraud - by definition - is limited to something "the other guy" has done, but never me.


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