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9400 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80231
Attn: Scott Hughes, Store Manager

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Telephone Etiquette

Sunday morning (5/18/14) at about 10 am I got a phone message from Danny Doe, Assistant Manager at my local Walmart.  Danny offered to "follow up on the situation with the pricing on some turkey" (his words).

Presumably this phone message was in response to my letter dated 4/30/14

I did not send a copy of the letter to Danny Doe.  Scott - I assume you gave him the letter and asked him to call me.  Is that right?

Scott - if you want to call me on the phone I have no problem with that.  If you delegate that task to one of the assistant managers, I think it makes you look bad.

And for the record - I do have a problem with someone who calls me on the phone and is unwilling to properly identify themself.  Anyone who is not willing to tell me their name is not welcome to call me on the phone.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Philip G Rice
11268 E Linvale Dr
Aurora, CO  80014

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