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Speaking of Google - here is a link to the re-inclusion page:
and to the article that explains what to do.  I am wondering if my page-rank of zero is the sandbox effect, some kind of penalty, an indication that I have not enough links and/or content to generate a rank of even "one", or none of the above.

I have worked really hard on this site for about 2 months now - my goals (expectations) are modest, I would like to achieve a rank of 1 on a scale of 1 to 10.  The good news is that zero is an improvement on where I started - which was a rank of "no rank" - so I have moved UP from not on the list to a rank of zero on a scale of 1 -10.

I have now achieved page rank 3 for the home page and the site map - this page is PR 2/10.  Seemed like a long wait.  Now it seems like I have arrived.  Over the past few weeks there has been a slow but steady stream of feedback to suggest a smattering of interest in the Website from a wide variety of people all over the country.

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Best place to check page rank is SeoChat Future Page Rank tool

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