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REO Appraisal

"As Is" and "Punchlist"

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Contact Info:

MKG Appraisal Services
11268 E Linvale Dr
Aurora, CO  80014
Phone:  720-282-3376

FAX 720-282-3377

My standard REO Appraisal:

I provide live, local, expert evaluation of market conditions.  After a careful and critical look at your property, I provide you with an "as-is" suggested sale price that allows you to sell in 60 days.  If you want to sell faster than 60 days, talk to me - I can help you achieve your goal.  Any property will sell if you price it right.

I also provide an itemized punch list of recommended (cost effective) fix-up items, with a suggested asking price.  I give you 2 options (as is/as repaired) and the information you need to make the right decision.

In this market, the best time to sell is "now".

Foreclosure is becoming a growth industry in Aurora.    Nobody wants to leave money on the table, and nobody wants to wait 8 months to sell.

Every week I see another example of the wrong way to price a house.  Here are 2 recent examples of what not to do:

Example #1REO at 2470 Oswego.  6/26/05 asking $310K, 150 days later asking $270K and wishing they could go back 5 months and start over.  Estimated cost of wishful thinking is $15,000 -- increased carrying cost plus lost opportunity.

Example #2REO at 1365 Florence St.  7/8/05 asking $141K, now asking $127K.  Estimated cost of wishful thinking is about $10,000.


Standard Fee for REO Appraisal is $350

It costs $350 to price it right

It costs $10,000 if you price it wrong.

Call me now, it's the crucial first step to a speedy solution.  I will protect your best interests.

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Clinical studies demonstrate MKG Appraisal makes you to look younger, lose weight, cure baldness, increase IQ, and in some cases, lower the crime rate and alleviate world hunger.  Most users report higher gas mileage and improved weather conditions within 10 days.



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