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December 15th, 2005

Webmaster Page

HTML and Other Website Related Stuff

good HTML color chart

Goldray.  One page with about 1,000 references.

Listamatic - my favorite list = vertical buttons / subtle box list

Font Resources

  • Code Style Font Survey
  • Web Style Guide - Font
  • Georgia - body text (2nd=times new roman)
  • Verdana - headline (2nd=arial, trebuchet)


77 ways to get traffic, by Associate Programs

SEO Chat

My Google Page Rank Page


WiTopia, recommended by Mobile Crunch - be sure to use "crunchy" when you order - to get an undisclosed discount.

Cell phone signal boost

Danny Wall Article with SEO Secrets

Google SiteMap section:

Google Sitemap

"We use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages."

my google sitemap file

link popularity tool

Yahoo: As far as I can tell, Yahoo is pay to play -- suggest a site for inclusion

CSS Reference

CSS Tutorial - Designplace

CSS and Browser Bugs - Position is everything

Reference for all things Internet = Webref


  • Microsoft IE
  • Firefox
  • Maxthon - from China so it must be good / source = Tech Crunch
  • Opera
  • Flock - another new idea - worth a try

Roll your own Icon


  1. ICON Factory
  2. Icon Builder Photoshop Plug In $69


  1. Make your own favicon.ico file 
  2. Dec 14

Logo Works -- recommended by Tech Crunch

The Appraiser A List Internet Resources

  1. Forensic Appraisal, Aurora, CO by Phil Rice
  2. Ann O'Rourke, California - Appraisal Today
  3. Mortgage Fraud Blog by Rachel Dollar
  4. Appraisers Forum hosted by Wayne McKerley

Position is everything - clear a float.

Phone Links:

  1. vonage
  2. skype
  3. jajah
  4. hullo
  5. gizmo

this helpful info courtesy of Tech Crunch - gizmo


URL encoding reference

MKG Forensic Appraisal RSS page

MLS photography for working real estate agents. Tutorial and non-technical tips, suggestions, advice on how to create high quality and effective MLS photographs.


My punchlist

vCard Specs

Website URL submission - free service


Putty FAQ

UNIX tutorial

Read this book about SEO

Microsoft Tech Support - help on a specific Frontpage issue

WOOT.com - they sell one item (something different) everyday

Link Sys Hack

NPR Podcast in OPML

Topstyle CSS editor by Bradbury, also make Homesite an HTML editor.

Viewable in any browser - very interesting.

This page born December 15th, 2005.
Last updated - 08/17/06

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