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December 15th, 2005

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MKG Forensic Appraisal

Blog Name:  Forensic Appraisal - Aurora, Colorado

Blog Home Page:  http://www.mkgappraisal.com/blog_aug06.htm#08/01/06

RSS URL:  http://www.mkgappraisal.com/rss_2.0/051211.xml



08/12/06 - I am in process to switch to using Wordpress to power my blog.  This project has been a little slow getting started, but is now near the top of the priority list.

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I have been using pluck as my feed reader, the plan is to switch to feeddemon.

Blog-Spot by Google

Blog Title = Edge of Spread 2.0

tidy feed

Helpful "how-to" article on blog search, by Wendy Boswell at Technophilia and/or Lifehacker

other blog search:

  1. Sphere
  2. PubSub
  3. Feedster
  4. Ice Rocket

RSS Tutorial by mnot

RSS Scraper / xpath2rss / syndic8 /

build an RSS - webreference channel editor

Another try at channel editor - this one works on Windows and is free / feedspring /

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Mozilla developer area with a good RSS section

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MKG  Forensic Appraisal Channel page


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Rss-spec has a handy list


Pluck / submit feed


News4Sitessuggest a site

Eaton / submit a site

Blog Flux ( min requirement is 7 days old and 5 items)

article how to add RSS feed to my website

how to ping

good article on the basics of ping / rss

my ping-o-matic results page - or try this to start fresh


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