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Top Ten Sources - this is a very cool and very useful way to take advantage of the best thinking of some very smart and very well informed people.

Rotisserie Baseball

Golf at Aurora Hills with the Mens Club

$The original - the real deal !! Million Dollar Home Page

Ralph Roberts Realty in Warren Michigan

Real Estate Appraisal


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  • Ian's Shoelace Site - one of the very best Websites I have ever seen -- in my top 10.  A tip of the cap to boing boing who pointed me there.

C-Net directory of WiFi hot spots.  This is useful if you are out an about and need a connection to the Internet with having to go back to the office.

Here is a local success story - Team Cox  Realtors - Consistently on the first page of Google results for Englewood Real Estate searches and on the first few pages of Google results for Denver Real Estate searches (out of 2,500,000 results).

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